Date : 3rd Nov 2011
Time : 9.30 am – 10.30 pm ( 1 hour )

Class:Year 4
Enrollment : 16
Subject : Science
Theme / Topic : Properties of materials (Heat)
Learning Objective : Understanding the properties of materials. Learning Outcome : By the end of the lesson, pupils able to
1. Classifying objects into groups according to the materials.

2. Identify materials that conduct heat.
Prior Knowledge : Pupils came into contact with materials in their everyday life.
Science Process : Observing, classifying, communication, making inferences, experimenting, Skills predicting, manipulative variables, interpreting data, making hypothesis.
CCTS : Grouping and classifying, making conclusion, making inferences, predicting, evaluating, and making hypotheses
Moral Values : Group work, helping each other, careful, curiosity, has courage, safety, systematic and responsibility.
Multiple Intelligences: Interpersonal, intrapersonal, body kinesthetic, musical, linguistic
Strategy : Constructivism
Methods : Enquiry-Discovering, Discussion, Experimenting, Presentation,
Group Work
Teaching Aids : Beaker, pencil, pen, ruler, plastic ruler, scissors, hot water, straw.
Phase /Time
Teaching and Learning Activities

(5 minutes)
Different things has different mass

1. Teacher distributes a bag contains a collection of objects to each group.
2. Teacher asks the students to observe the objects.

3. Teacher asks students, from what materials the objects are made from.


· Observing


· Steel spoons
· Glass rods
· Pencils

· Rubber bands
· Straws

Eliciting idea
(15 minutes)
Materials conduct heat
(Activity 1)

1. Teacher asks students to classify the objects according to materials that conduct heat
2. Teacher asks students to rank the objects in term of their ability to conduct heat.
3. Teacher calls out a few students to present their ideas.


· Observing
· Classifying
· Predicting
· Communicating

Restructuring of ideas
(20 minutes)

Ability to conduct heat
(Activity 2)
1. Teacher asks students to prove their findings through short activity.
2. Teacher provides hot water in a beaker to each group.

· Observing


Teaching and Learning Activities
3. Teacher asks the students to place steel spoon, straw, metal ruler, glass rod, pencil inside the beaker at same time.
4. After 3 minutes, teacher ask the students to touch the object.
5. The steel spoon feel hotter than the pencil, straw and the glass rod.

· Use and handle science apparatus
· Experimenting

Application of ideas
(15 minutes)
Crossword Puzzle
(Activity 3)

1. Teacher distributes crossword puzzle to each group and ask them to discuss the answer.
2. Teacher ask students to be cooperative during the discussion.
· Making inference
· Communicating

· Being cooperative

Closure (5 minutes)

Metal can conduct heat
1. Teacher summarize the lesson, metal can conduct heat.